Magic from Amandhi's kitchen

Creamy mustard fish with beans on steam rice

Chicken Marbella with Herbed Cous Cous

Sri Lankan Rice and Chicken Curry

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

Ginger fish with Asian greens on steamed Rice

Sweet and Sour Fish

Czech Goulash with Potato Dumplings and braised Cabbage

Lamb Shank Ragu

Jumbo tortellini with light tomato and basil sauce

Spicy pork noodles with Asian vegetables

Traditional Sri Lankan Kiri Bath with Lamb Curry and caramelised onion Sambol

Sri Lankan Kiri Bath with Onion Sambol

Czech Roast Pork with Potato Dumplings and Sautéed Spinach

Home made Pork and Prawn Chinese style Dumplings

Sri Lankan style Chicken Buriyani

Green Curry Chicken with Coconut Rice

Thai Green Curry Chicken with Rice

Green Curry Fish with Coconut Rice

Sweet and Sour Fish with Rice

Sweet and Sour Fish

Beef Stroganoff with Fettuccine

Atlantic Salmon Risotto with Cucumber and Dill

Salmon with Dill